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Hot woman pleads guilty to stealing $1 million but avoids jail

By Mason White 5:59 PM March 21, 2013
Renata Shamrakova 

By: Sarah Weiss
A hot woman admitted this week in court to stealing $1 million but she will not do any jail time, according to court proceedings in New York City.

Renata Shamrakova admitted in Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday that she had stolen almost $1 million while working as a personal assistant to financier Todd Meister. She had initially denied the accusation. Under terms of her plea deal, she will avoid going to jail, but must return the stolen money over a period of two years.

When asked by the judge if she had committed second-degree grand theft after stealing from Meister, 28-years-old Shamrakova said: “Yes, your honor.”

Meister, 42, had insisted he had nothing more than a working relationship with Shamrakova. She has been saying since her arrest in February 2012 that the embezzlement had really been “gifts” that Meister gave her in the course of a workplace romance.

By owning up to the charges and securing a deal with prosecutors, Shamrakova avoided a possible 15 year prison sentence. She must pay back $821,000. It is believed that her parents will pay her debts by selling a portion of their properties.

Shamrakova committed identity theft by signing two American Express cards in Meister’s name. She went to Aruba, Canada, India, Italy and France. She also purchased thousands of pieces of jewelry that she then sold online. She paid the credit card companies by a checking account belonging to Meister.

“I appreciate the hard work that the prosecutor did in this case and her willingness to consider the facts,” Meister said. He said he was grateful that “justice was done”.