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Girl dies after inhaling air from compressed air can to get high

By Mason White 5:05 AM March 22, 2013
Aria Doherty 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A young female student died after she inhaled air from a compressed air can in order to get high, according to press reports in California.

The Los Angeles honor student died Monday night after inhaling a can of compressed air computer keyboard cleaner to get high, authorities said.

Her brother found 14-year-old Aria Doherty in bed with her nose pressed closed and a can of compressed air still clinging to her mouth. She apparently died of a heart attack.

Doherty was home alone when the tragic incident happened. Her parents believe it was her first time “huffing”, a slang term for the practice of smelling fatal household products to get high quickly and affordably. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, inhalation of products such as glue, hair spray and nail polish can be fatal even the first time.

“I’m sure that my daughter did not realize that this had the potential to kill her,” Carolyn Doherty told a television news station in Los Angeles.

The Dohertys had spoken with their three teenage daughters about substance abuse. the family kept their prescription drugs under lock and recently purged their home from alcohol. The family does not own any dangerous weapons.
The dangers of “huffing” took them completely by surprise.

“I did not know,” Carolyn said. “It is clear that children do not know.”
Aria was a student at Nobel Charter Middle School in Northridge, California. She was an actress and writer. She also had dreams of becoming a surgeon.

After losing her daughter, the Dohertys are encouraging other parents to talk to their children about how dangerous inhalants can be.
“I would give anything to have her back,” Richard Doherty, Aria’s father, said.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view