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Boy, 11, arrested after raping his 6-year-old sister

By Mason White 6:27 AM March 24, 2013
Maria Marquez 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A little boy was arrested and charged with rape related charges after raping his 6-year-old sister, according to police reports in Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma boy was identified as an 11-year-old.
The boy, who was not identified, allegedly assaulted his sister while she was trying to do homework in her room on Wednesday.
The children’s mother, Maria Marquez, has also been arrested for not reporting the incident to police.

A local Oklahoma newspaper reported that a cousin, seven-years-old, was also present at the time of the alleged attack, with the two boys saying that they had asked the girl to pull her pants down.

Both boys have accused the other of carrying out the alleged violation.
However, the little girl told a worker of the Oklahoma Department of Social Services, which was alerted to the case, that both “put their stuff in her and it hurt.”

She also claimed that her mother refused to take her to the hospital and had ordered her not to tell anyone what had happened.
The mother has admitted the entire incident to the social worker.

Police officers arriving at the girl’s house on Friday arrested her brother, accused of first-degree rape.
The legal status of the cousin is currently unclear.
The same girl was taken to a hospital and has been placed in protective custody.