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Man discovers knife in his back 3 years after stabbing

By Mason White 6:36 AM March 24, 2013
Billy McNeely 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) A man discovered a knife in his back several years after a stabbing incident, according to hospital officials in Canada.

The knife blade had been buried in the back for almost three years.
Billy McNeely said this week that this story goes back to an April 2010 birthday party at McNeely’s hometown of Fort Good Hope, Northwest Territories. McNeely got into a fight during a wrestling contest and was stabbed five times. A doctor sewed him back up then and never took x-rays.

Since then, McNeely would trigger metal detector alarms and had a bump on his back where the knife went in. The wound never stopped disturbing him and it became more painful this week.

Doctors removed a blade that measured about 2.7 inches or 7 centimeters.

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