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Twitter slapped with $50 million lawsuit over anti Semitic tweets

By Mason White 3:28 PM March 24, 2013
Twitter website 

By: Shifra Unger
The popular social media website, twitter, was hit with a multi-million dollar lawsuit over anti Semitic tweets appearing on the website, according to court proceedings in France.

The Union of French Jewish Students, may have won their court case involving anti-Semitic tweets in the beginning of the year, but the controversy did not end there.

Twitter however, did not meet the requirements of the court order, so the student union, along with another French Jewish group, decided to take the matter a step further. They sued the company for $50 million for not releasing the data on the perpetrators of anti-Semitic tweets within 15 days, as required by the court.

“Twitter played the card of indifference by failing to respect the decision of the court,” UEJF President Jonathan Hayoun told the a French news source.

The lawsuit, which was filed last week by UEJF and “J’accuse” association, is demanding twitter to pay $50 million for the Memorial of the Shoah, a museum commemorating the history of French Jews during WWII.

Last year, widespread anti Semitic tweets were popularized by the French hashtag #UnBonJuif, which translates to “#AGoodJew”. Twitter users using the hashtag stated that the comments were considered offensive and derogatory toward Jews.