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Man arrested after beating his wife to death with vacuum cleaner

By Mason White 4:44 AM March 25, 2013
Anthony Tyron Mayo 

By: Moses Gold
A man was arrested and charged with murder related charges after beating his wife with a vacuum cleaner, according to police reports in Los Angeles, California.

The husband beat his wife to death with a vacuum cleaner and then went on the run for six months, police said.
The police finally arrested the murder suspect, Anthony Tyron Mayo, 37, on Tuesday in an apartment in Mojave City, California.

He was arrested on suspicion of killing his wife, Beverly McFarlane, 40, at his home in North Las Vegas.
A police report alleged that Mayo, who had two daughters with McFarlane, strangled her and then hit her on the head with the vacuum cleaner after an argument.

She called police to her home, where she told them she had been beaten by her husband and was taken to University Medical Center.
But she had suffered serious injuries to her brain, and she died two weeks after the attack.

A Los Angeles California based newspaper reported that Mayo, now in jail in Los Angeles, is awaiting extradition to Nevada. Once extradited, he faces charges of murder, coercion and domestic battery by strangulation.