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Man arrested after drinking $100,000 worth of aged alcoholic beverages

By Mason White 6:29 AM March 25, 2013
Woman with old bottle of alcoholic drink illustration 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with theft related charges after drinking some pretty expensive alcoholic beverages which did not belong to him, according to police reports in Pennsylvania.

Fifty-two bottles of aged whiskey disappeared between his lips, police said, and now it’s time for the western Pennsylvania man to pay up.

John Saunders, a former caretaker of a mansion in the Pittsburgh area, faces criminal charges for allegedly destroying a value of over $100,000 in whiskey.

Owner Patricia Hill found nine cases of whiskey hidden in the walls and the stairs of the centennial Georgian mansion built by the coal and coke industry leader JP Brennan after she bought it in 2012. The Pure Rye Whiskey Old Farm was produced in 1900 by the nearby West Overton Distilling Co.

“My guess is that Brennan ordered 10 cases. Pre-Prohibition,” Hill, a New Yorker who bought the house to turn it into a bed and breakfast, said. “I was told by his family that the family members used to greet him at the door every day with a shot of whiskey,” Hill added.

Police told a local Pennsylvania newspaper that Saunders took dozens of bottles of whiskey valued at $102,400 by an auction house in New York.
Saunders, 62, of Irwin, was charged with receiving stolen property and theft.