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Woman sleeps with her mother’s dead body for 8 months

By Mason White 8:13 PM March 26, 2013
Sofa bed illustration 

By: Shifra Unger
A woman was caught sleeping with her dead mother for more than a half a year, according to press reports in Germany.

The grieving daughter could not bear the cost of the funeral of her mother so she decided to sleep beside her corpse for eight months, according to the reports.

The appalling living arrangement came to light on Thursday when bailiffs were sent to the apartment in Munich, Germany, to receive payments of the debts of the now dead 70-year-old pensioner.

After being asked to see her mother, the unnamed 39-year-old woman told the appraiser that she had died 8 months ago.
The woman showed the appraiser her mother’s decomposing body that was lying on a sofa bed in the bedroom of the house.

According to a local newspaper, the woman, who was living on unemployment benefits, did not know she could apply for $4,100 in state funds to help cover funeral expenses.

Police said that the woman had been admitted to a mental institution at her own request.
Officials are now investigating whether the daughter was fraudulently claiming pension payments from her mother during the period.

Police however, said that they do not believe that this was the reason why her lifeless body was harbored for so long, so the woman is unlikely to be prosecuted.