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Little girl attacked while asleep by large rat

By Mason White 4:41 AM March 27, 2013
Francesca Williams 

By: Moses Gold
A little girl was attacked by a hungry large rat during her sleep inside her own home, according to press reports in the United Kingdom. Even the family dog and cat did not scare the rat away.

The 7-year-old girl was attacked by the rat, who left bite marks on her face and arms while sleeping in her bedroom.
Francesca Williams of Symonds Yat, a rural town in Herefordshire, England, awoke her parents with her piercing screams around 2:00 am one night last month.

“When we heard her screams we really thought it was just a nightmare,” her mother said. “I never thought it would be really something frightening going on in her room,” she added.

The rat had slipped under the bed of her daughter when she and her husband, Darren, arrived to find Francesca crying and bleeding. Francesca told her parents that she awoke when she felt something on her leg and when she moved, “a large white animal had bitten her.”

Darren helped his daughter out of the room, when he saw a long brown thing running on the ground. He quickly closed the door and nudged the family dog​​, Hattie, on the rodent. The dog killed the rat.

The family now calls their Jack Russell “Hattie the Hero”.
A doctor gave Francesca some antibiotics after warning the parents to be alert to any symptoms of the flu.

Wendy said that the incident has traumatized her daughter and that she refused to sleep in her room for a week.