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Israeli settlers give leftover chametz to needy Palestinians

By Mason White 9:09 AM March 27, 2013
Pita breads 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
Jews in Israel and Israeli settlers in the West Bank in particular have come up with a solution for their leftover chametz, which can benefit the poor, according to press reports in Israel.

Israeli settlers have distributed hundreds of loaves of bread to needy Palestinians this week, combining the religious edict to discard leavened bread items before Passover and sending a message of peace to their Palestinian neighbors.

For the third consecutive year, members of the Eretz Shalom peace movement collected forbidden Passover foods at six distribution points throughout the West Bank and distributed the items to nearby Palestinian communities as part of an initiative called “Shalom L’Chametz” or farewell to the leavened bread.

According to some estimates, 500 to 700 fresh loaves of bread and pita bread were discarded by supermarkets in the West Bank settlements of Eli, Shilo and Ofra, which were then handed over to needy palestinians.

The peace organization volunteers also distributed candy to Palestinians with a similar message of peace during a Muslim holiday, which received very positive reactions.

“This is a wonderful idea. Every year I burned a lot of good food items because of Passover. Now, I am able to help poor children who enjoy all those fresh chametz items,” a Jewish resident of the West Bank told

“My wife and my children loved those Jewish baked cakes and cookies,” a Muslim resident of a Palestinian village in the West Bank told “I’m looking forward to next year,” he added.