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Woman returns $30,000 she found in her donated clothing

By Mason White 4:39 AM March 28, 2013
Carol Sutor 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A woman did not have to think twice before returning thousands of dollars she believed did not belong to her, according to press reports in Pennsylvania.

The woman received donated clothing and returned the favor big time as she returned the $30,000 she found inside the hand-me-downs.

Carol Sutor of Bristol, Pennsylvania, was going through her clothes, which had belonged to the 85-year-old daughter of her cousin’s mother-in-law, who had recently died, when she found a canvas bag in a perch.

“I unfolded the bag and had another bag in another bag in another bag, one of those deals, you know?” Inside, she found stacks of hundred-dollar bills.

Sutor, owner of Advantage Insurance in Levittown, said: “Things are tight. I am struggling in my business, as all struggle. When I struggle I think, oh, wow, if I had the money, my problems would be solved. Suddenly all this money appears, but it was the wrong way to get money. It was not mine and I knew it.”

When she told her cousin, Marlene Lattanzi, who lives in nearby Medford, New Jersey, about the find, she came to help count the bills.

“Carol Sutor is an extremely nice person, and she just showed her kindness again,” a family friend told video not loading? Click here to view