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Man arrested after stealing 42,000 pounds of cheese

By Mason White 4:59 AM March 28, 2013
Veniamin Balika 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with theft related charges after he was caught with a truck load of stolen cheese, according to police reports in New Jersey.

The Illinois man who accused of stealing 42,000 pounds of cheese from Wisconsin has finally been arrested in New Jersey.
New Jersey officials said that the 34-year-old from Plainfield, Illinois, Veniamin Balika, was arrested on Tuesday afternoon.

New Jersey State Police Lieutenant Stephen Jones said Wednesday that the man was driving a refrigerated truck carrying 42,000 pounds of Muenster cheese. Jones said that the cheese company, K & K Cheese in Cashton, Wisconsin, valued the load of cheese at about $200,000.

New Jersey detective Oliver Sissman told a local television news station in Wisconsin, that the suspect used fake documents to get the cheese.

Company spokesperson Kevin Everhart said that K & K Cheese cannot guarantee that the cheese has not been altered, so the product will not be used.

Jones said that if the cheese passes inspections by health authorities it will be donated to charity.

“I have no idea what the man thought he can do with so much cheese. 42,000 pounds of cheese is enough cheese to feed an entire family for many years. Could be he planned to hold a ‘cheese block party’ for the entire neighborhood,” a Plainfield, Illinois, resident told video not loading? Click here to view