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Woman’s camera washes ashore in Taiwan after losing it in Hawaii

By Mason White 7:01 PM March 28, 2013
Lindsay Scallan 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) A woman never thought that she will ever see her lost camera again after it fell into the ocean in Hawaii.

However, years later, the Georgia woman has been reunited with her camera and photos from the camera she lost during a trip to Hawaii 6 years ago, after it reached the shore in Taiwan.

Lindsay Scallan said she was on a dive trip when she lost her camera during a night dive.

“It was toward the end of the trip and my pictures were in there and it was my first experience there, so I was very upset about it. But what could I do?” Scallan told a local television news station.

Scallan said she recently received a Facebook message from a friend from high school saying that his wife found an article on the website of a television station in Hawaii about a lost camera. Scallan said an employee of China Airlines found the camera and said that all the images were still on the memory card.

“China Airlines has offered to pay for me to go out there, for my room, the food and everything,” Scallan said. “A trip with all expenses paid to go out there, get my camera and meet the guy who found it, is really wild,” she added.

“She was very sad about her lost camera and her lost photos. Now, she is extremely happy to get it back plus to get such a free vacation. It really paid off,” a woman close to Scallan told video not loading? Click here to view