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British reality TV show to follow 2 Jewish couples on their wedding day

By Mason White 11:16 AM March 29, 2013
Natalie and Ben Bentley 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
If you have always wondered how a Jewish couple prepares for their wedding night on their wedding day, then wonder no more. Now, you can watch it on television, according to press reports in the United Kingdom.

Two British Jewish couples from North Manchester agreed to let television cameras follow them as they prepared for one of the most important moments of their lives, their wedding day.

When asked to participate in a new BBC documentary series about marriage, Jewish Wedding planner Allan Shalks had one condition: “As long as it is not like that program.”

Shalks, of Prestwich, was referring to the show “Strictly Kosher” that was broadcast last year about the Manchester Jewish community.
Strictly Kosher was blasted by critics who said they should have been called “Strictly stereotypes.”

Viewers can see Whitefield couple Natalie and Ben Bentley preparing for marriage and tying the knot.
Natalie, 26, married 32-year-old, Ben Bentley, at The Pines Hotel, Clayton-le-Woods, Chorley, last June.

“We followed the Jewish traditions at our wedding, as lifting chairs and breaking glass and the men and women sit separately for the ceremony.

To be honest, the television cameras were not a massive deal and everything went very well, apart from the fact that we were late because the rabbi’s wife had a baby,” Ben Bentley said.

“My wife and I enjoyed the television program very much and we were finally able to see how Jewish people celebrate their wedding,” John Hammond, a resident of Lancashire told