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Florida teen nearly loses her vision after bacteria ate her eye

By Mason White 1:48 PM March 29, 2013
Ashley Hyde 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) A teen underwent a difficult surgery after bacteria grew on her eye because she failed to change her contact lenses. The infection ate part of her eye, according to doctors at the hospital where the procedure was done.

The Florida Senior High School student is fortunate to still have her vision after the parasite grew on the contact lens and ate through her eyes.

Ashley Hyde, 18, contracted an infection in her left eye. The bacteria was identified by doctors as Acanthamoeba.
Doctors were initially baffled as to the cause of the inflammation of the Pembroke Pines teen, and of her blurred vision.
Doctors had to punch through the infection in the eye and take scrapings from her eyeball.

They soon discovered that the microscopic parasite, which is usually found in water and soil had clung and spread through the lens.

“They had to take multiple tests where they scratched my eye. They had to drill into the eye. It was very nasty,” Hyde told a local television news station.

She is now scheduled to undergo months of treatment and doctors hope to clarify the situation once and for all.
“I read her story and I am now a terrified contact lens user. I will definitely follow all the recommended guideline from now on,” Mary Robertson, a teen who uses contact lenses told

Optometry Doctor Adam Clarin said it was a lesson for people to change their lenses every day.
“Every day we see people come in with contact lens related infections, complications and ulcers. These are all things that can lead to blindness,” Clarin said.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view