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Bus aide arrested after being caught on video torturing 5-year-old special needs boy

By Mason White 5:35 AM March 31, 2013
Daneta McPherson 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) A bus aide was arrested and charged with harassment related charges after she was caught on video torturing a little special needs child, according to police reports in Florida.

Port Saint Lucie police reports said that Saint Lucie County school bus video showed 37-year-old Daneta McPherson screaming violently at the student. She also grabbed the boy, violently placed in his seat and his head was slammed against the window.

The victim is a special education student at Rivers Edge Elementary School.

McPherson is an assistant that has continually harassed the boy on bus rides to and from school, according to reports. Often, the crying boy replied. Port Saint Lucie deputy Robert del Toro said he thought it was a case of bullying.

The bus video, taken late last year, shows five separate incidents of abuse.
“When parents put their special needs child on the school bus they expect that their child will be taken care of and not abused like this. This is a terrible breach of trust,” a mother with a special needs child told

McPherson was released from jail in Saint Lucie County on Friday afternoon.
The police report said that the driver and the second bus aide were suspended after these incidents.Mobile video not loading? Click here to view