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Police turn into cowboys by chasing wild herd of steers around town

By Mason White 1:22 PM March 31, 2013
An escaped steer 

By: David Ross
A wild herd of steers brought out the local Austrian police officers and firefighters who attempted to round them up by chasing them around town, according to press reports in Austria.

The Austrian police and firefighters have taken on the role of urban cowboys during the two day raid of a herd of cattle that came out of a pasture fence and decided to go into town.

A police statement said that 43 steers challenged attempts by volunteer firefighters and police to recapture them after wandering towards the city in Upper Austria, Freistadt. After being chased out from the train station, the herd went on to endanger drivers by stampeding onto a two-lane road, before getting into a suburb of the city.

Two firefighters who tried to stop them were wounded and needed hospital treatment.
The statement said that 18 of the animals still remain at large. The rest have been cornered or tranquilizers, according to reports.

“I am used to seeing police officers chasing rioters across Europe. Recently, there have been riots because of the European debt crisis. I never saw police officer chasing around animals,” Bradt Lingshaw, 59, a resident of Freistadt, Austria, who saw the police activity told