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Female officers outnumber males in the Israeli army statistics show

By Mason White 12:21 PM March 10, 2013
IDF female soldiers wearing skirts 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) The Central Bureau for Statistics released data showing a record number of women serving in the Israeli army.

According to the statistics, 57 percent of all officers are women, 34 percent of Israelis serving in the Israeli army are women, 28 percent of career officers are women and 92 percent of all army positions are open to women.

Now, more women are joining and proudly serve in the Israeli army. Among the Women who serve in the army include many Orthodox Jewish women. 28 percent of women stay in the army as their career of choice.

The IDF released a video saluting the women of the IDF. “We are proud to salute all women serving in hundreds of jobs in the Israel Defense Forces. Women contribute, fight and win,” they wrote in the video.

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