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Lipa Schmeltzer’s releases song in honor of his son’s bar mitzvah

By Mason White 5:11 PM March 21, 2013
Lipa Schmeltzer with his son 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) Lipa Schmeltzer took his eldest son on a trip Hungary in honor of his Bar Mitzvah.

Lipa Schmeltzer took his son Moshe Yosef on an emotional journey to the grave of the grandfather he never met. His son is named after his grandfather.

His grandfather Moshe Yosef his Lipa’s paternal grandfather.

As the second youngest of twelve, Lipa, was the first family member to name his child Moshe Yosef after his grandfather.

“My entire family did not name their children Moshe Yosef, because they wanted to name their sons, Yaakov Yosef, after the previous Skverer Rebbe,” Schmeltzer said.

Schmelter took a trip to Budapest together with his son. Lipa’s son had an opportunity to put on tefillin for the first time at the tomb of his grandfather.

Lipa said: “I wanted my own father to come with us. I wanted him to have the opportunity to say Kaddish for his father, but he refused.”

The father of Lipa, Reuven Schmeltzer, survived the World War II, fleeing Hungary. He spent several weeks in Bergen Belsen concentration camp before arriving to safety in Switzerland.

In the beginning of the video below Schmeltzer is seen asking his father to join him on the trip at his expense, but his father refused saying that to him: “Hungary is finished and he was never going back.”

In the video you can see a full documentary of Schmeltzer’s trip with his son Moshe Yosef.

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