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Paralyzed U.S. army veteran shows Obama she can walk again thanks to Israeli technology

By Mason White 12:43 PM March 22, 2013
Teresa Hannigan, president Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) A Paralyzed U.S. army veteran showed president Obama how Israeli technology made it possible for her to walk again.

Retired U.S. Army Sergeant Teresa Hannigan got a hug from President Obama after she demonstrated her ability to walk again thanks to an Israeli technology called Re-Walk.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu looked on proudly as Hannigan, 60, of Patchogue, Long Island, New York, used the Israeli technology at an exhibit in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, and showed off the ReWalk, an exoskeleton invented by Israelis.

Hannigan, told the president that she was introduced to Doctor Anne Spungen at the Veteran’s Administration hospital in the Bronx.

“Please tell me how you’re standing, tell me how this works,” President Obama asked.

After listening to her story of how she is now able to walk by herself with the Re-Walk, the president Hannigan said: “Obama came over
and gave me a bear hug like your father would give you.”

ReWalk is the only FDA-listed motorized exoskeleton available to help paraplegics regain their upright mobility. Under the supervision of healthcare professionals, people who are paralyzed below the waist can be trained to use ReWalk to stand, sit, walk and climb stairs.

The system, consists of motorized leg supports, body sensors and a backpack that contains a computerized control box, a remote control wrist band and rechargeable batteries.

The user picks a setting sit, stand, walk, or climb stairs and then leans forward, activating the body sensors and setting the robotic legs in motion.

In the video below, Dan Webb, a father of two who became paralyzed in a freak accident, talks about his experience with Rewalk. Just like Hannigan, Webb is also walking on his own again thanks to an Israeli scientist.

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