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Mendy Pellin releases Passover comedy video

By Mason White 1:46 PM March 25, 2013
Mendy Pellin 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) Getting ready for the holiday of Passover, cleaning the house of all leaven bread, shopping and cooking, can be overwhelming.

Orthodox Jewish comedian Mendy Pellin is here to make you smile.

In this lighthearted comedy video, Pellin hired an African American man and a Chinese woman. The two discuss the issues of cleaning for Passover while throwing in some Yiddish words.

They made fun of Jewish women who clean the top shelf in the bathroom, where bread has never reached.

“Three years ago, I felt so bad for my Zlata Chana that I left a corn beef sandwich on the top of the shelf in the bathroom so she does not feel like an idiot while scrubbing there with a toothpick,” the African American man said.

“I think in all fairness we should have Egyptians clean our house for Pesach (Passover),” he added.

The video stars David “Big Dave” Earl Jones and Betty Ouyang with the voices of: Mendy Pellin and Barbara Heller. The comedy was written and directed by comedian Mendy Pellin.

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