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Jewish and Muslim women working together to bring peace between Israel and Palestine

By Mason White 12:59 PM March 28, 2013
Jewish and Muslim women 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) More the ever, Jewish and Muslim women are getting together to foster peace, unity and a mutual understanding between Israelis and Palestinians.
The Leadership Initiative for Women brought Jewish and Muslim women together to work out ways to help the next generation live in peace.
Jewish and Muslim women were asked: “how can people foster mutually respectful relationships with people of different faiths?”

“The greatest enemy and divider between people of different faiths is ignorance,” one Muslim mother said.

Both sides need to be educated about the other’s way of life so they can appreciate where they are coming from.

“By the way we raise our children peace begins in the home,” a Jewish woman said.

When growing up, children learn by what they see and hear from their parents, therefore its the parent’s responsibility to instill the love towards one another and to seek peace.

“We need to begin realizing that there are more similarities than differences and start focusing on them,” another said.

In another effort to bring Jews and Muslims together to foster a positive relationship between the women of the future generation, Jews and Muslims joined together and formed a weight loss group.

The new weight loss program has been launched in various U.S. states in order to break ethnic barriers between Muslims and Jews, while helping them fight against obesity.

“We are not a peace-dialogue group and not a group for conflict resolution,” Yael Luttwak, a documentary movie maker, 40, who founded the first group, told a New York newspaper.

“But we’re bringing dialogue and exposure,” she added.
Luttwak has created a group called “Slim Peace” that is bringing young Jews and Muslims together for a common goal of weight loss, healthy living and empowerment.

Inspired by the Middle East conflict, Luttwak, was out to find a formula to use women who struggle with their weight as a tool for connecting Israelis and Palestinians.

There are also plans to expand Slim Peace to other U.S. cities like Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit and Washington, all of which have significant Muslim and Jewish populations.

Although there are no official figures, the U.S. is believed to be home to about eight million Muslims.
A 2010 report by the North American Jewish Data Bank puts the number of Jews in the U.S. around 6.5 million.

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