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Ultra-Orthodox Jewish comedian Yoely Lebowitz, his wife, give interview to National Geographic

By Mason White 12:21 PM March 31, 2013
Yoely and Toby Lebowitz 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) Ultra-Orthodox Jewish comedian Yoely Lebowitz and his wife Toby gave an interview to a television station recently.

Yoely Lebowitz and his wife Toby were interviewed by the National Geographic television program.

Yoely Lebowits is best known for his “kosher comedy” which is geared towards the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community.

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish people do not watch television nor do they go out to watch a movie. Their form of entertainment is strictly from kosher sources. Lebowitz, who has a good sense of humor became a sought after comedian to bring laughter to Jewish people at different gatherings, such as weddings, parties and more.

“Yoely Lebowitz is a fun guy to be around. He makes you laugh after a stressful day at work,” Yanky Schwartz, 19, a resident of Brooklyn, New York, and a fan of Yoely Lebowitz told

Lebowitz is married to his wife Toby. They have three children together. Yoely and Toby opened their homes to the famous television show the National Geographic. The couple shared their view of the Torah and Judaism.

The Lebowitz’s had an arranged marriage. They met one time for a sit in date. “We looked at each other, it was as a spark, as if two wires came together,” Lebowitz told the television station.

Lebowitz was 22-years-old and Toby was 20-years-old when they met, and they got married only two months after they were first introduced to each other.

Lebowitz is the son of the famous Nikolsburger rabbi of Spring Valley, New York. During the interview, Lebowitz took the National Geographic reporters to his father’s synagogue while his father was conducting a “tish” for his followers. A tish is a gathering between the rabbi and his followers. The synagogue is located at 6 Milton Place in Spring Valley, New York.

“The reason why people are punished by God is not because they did not serve God, but rather because they did not serve God with joy,” Lebowitz told the television station.

Lebowitz enjoys making people laugh and made it his career. Lebowitz has released two comedy albums. He has performed in Jewish communities around the world. He has also performed at the the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, when the circus was geared especially for Jewish kids with all male performers during a Jewish holiday.

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