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Singer-songwriter, Dido, says she likes Matzah despite being non Jewish

By Mason White 1:18 PM March 31, 2013

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) Singer-songwriter, Dido likes the taste of matza, according to a video uploaded to YouTube.

A Jewish TMZ reporter met Dido during the Passover holiday. The reporter asked her if she liked matza. “I quite like it, you know you need something with it,” Dido said.

Harvey Levin asked the reporter why he asked the non-Jewish woman about matza. “I found out that a lot of non Jewish people like matza,” the reporter answered.

Jewish people are celebrating the holiday of Passover. During the week of Passover, Jews are forbidden from eating leavened bread items. Instead of bread the Jews eat matza that are specifically made for Passover.

“Nowadays, there are a nice variety of kosher for Passover dips and spreads to go with the matza which makes for a more interesting meal,” Levi Goldstein, 26, from California, told

Today, matza can be found in many shapes and tastes. There are square matza and round ones. Their are thick matza that look like a pita bread, and their are the thin cracker like matza.

Within the round cracker like simple matza there are a variety of different options. There are flour and water matza, egg matza and chocolate covered matza with different toppings such as sprinkles and coconut .

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