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9-year-old rapper ‘Lil Poopy’ is being investigated

By Mason White 8:24 PM March 2, 2013
Lil Poopy 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) A 9-year-old boy, became famous after the release of his hit music video.

The young rapper goes by the stage name Lil Poopy, his real name is Luie Rivera Jr. He is a regular kid from Boston who recently released a music video with adult content, which has caused controversy.

Although many people see the boy as talented and the video as art, police officers were not amused with the video and they called for an investigation.

In the video, Lil Poopy refers to himself as “Coke Boy”, and is seen riding a Ferrari without a seatbelt. In the video he is also slapping a woman’s backside.

The video has prompted an investigation by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families after police filed a complaint against the father, alleging neglect or abuse of the child.

The family’s lawyer said that the probe is racially prompted. He argues: “white child actors are represented in more serious scenes, such as violence and sexual content, and they get awards, but when a young Hispanic boy raps, he gets investigated.”

The fourth grader goes to school every day and is doing well. He is well liked by his teachers.

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