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Woman sues FedEx after getting unexpected marijuana delivery

By Mason White 6:26 PM March 3, 2013
FedEx truck 

By: Debbie Gross
(Scroll down for video) A woman is suing FedEx after they mistakenly delivered marijuana to her home and then gave her address to drug dealers.

Maryangela Tobin, from Plymouth, Massachusetts, is suing FedEx, alleging that the company risked her family’s safety and their privacy was violated.

FedEx delivered drugs to her house and then gave the drug dealers the address to her house in order to pick up the package.

At first, Tobin thought it was a birthday present for her daughter. Instead, the package contained several pounds of marijuana.

Tobin called the police to report the package of drugs and police came to get the package.

The police narcotics unit called FedEx to flag the package, so that FedEx would not reveal where the package was delivered, in order not to put the family in danger.

But an hour later, a man was banging on her door looking for the package. Two other men were sitting in a vehicle in the driveway.

Tobin had already handed the package over to police. Tobin was very scared, so she locked her door as the man repeatedly asked for the FedEx package.

The lawsuit claims that FedEx disclosed the address despite police advising them against such disclosures which is a violation of Massachusetts privacy laws.

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