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Woman’s fake baby bump falls out on crowded train

By Mason White 7:23 PM March 3, 2013
Pregnant woman 

By: Debbie Gross
(Scroll down for video) Seems like some people would do anything to get some attention, sympathy or just a seat on a train.

One Chinese woman was left red faced with embarrassment after her fake baby bump fell off while she was riding a train.

Now, the Chinese woman is suing the company over the incident.

The woman, named Zhang, was exposed as a fraud in front of many people after they believed that she was pregnant.

In her complaint, Zhang said that the belt which keeps the baby bump in place became loose, leaving her “found out and laughed at,” according to reports.

She complained that she paid 300 yuan for the false bump, saying it was advertised as “very realistic.”

The fake pregnancy bellies have reportedly become a hot item in the country online shopping scene.

Consumers apparently use the products among other reasons to fake a pregnancy before adopting a child and to enjoy the privileges of pregnant women.
These products are priced between $65 and $190 and are available in various sizes depending on how far along of the pregnancy stage the woman wants to appear.

One can purchase belly sizes to look two to four months pregnant, five to seven months or eight to 10 months pregnant.

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