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Girl breaks up with boyfriend after he pushes her off 400 foot cliff

By Mason White 1:25 PM March 5, 2013
Jessica Powell and Creighton Baird 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A group of daredevils set up ropes so they can jump off a cliff.

The adventure might have been fun for most of the group, but one man paid a heavy price by losing his girlfriend over the jump.

Some friends were on a camping trip in Utah, along with their girlfriends, when they set up the ropes so they can jump off the cliff.

The jump is dangerous and can be fatal if one of the secured ropes comes loose.

Several eager jumpers tested the swing and they enjoyed the thrill, but Jessica Powell could not muster up the courage to make the dangerous jump.

Her boyfriend, Creighton Baird, who had already jumped off the cliff with the swing, wanted his girlfriend to face her fears and to give it a try.

Baird tried gently to persuade his nervous girlfriend to attempt the feat, but she was too scared. After 45 minutes, he finally took control and nudged Powell towards the edge of the cliff. He then pushed her off the cliff despite Powell begging him not to push her.

While Powell descended into the canyon she gave a series of chilling screams and then shouted: ‘I’m breaking up with you!’

At that point Baird started laughing, telling his friend: “I have just been dumped,” to which his friend replies: “can I have her number?”

Baird then said: “I know one day she will be looking back and thanking me for this.”
Well, that might not happen so fast as the couple officially broke up and are not together anymore.

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