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Driver who killed the Glaubers has previous manslaughter conviction

By Mason White 1:30 PM March 5, 2013
Julio Acevedo 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) Investigators are working tirelessly to bring justice for the Glauber couple and their baby who were killed in a car crash.

Now, police have released a picture of a man who is believed to have been the driver. Julio Acevedo, 44, is said to have been the driver of the BMW which killed The Glauber family. So far, police have not been able to find him.

Earlier this week, 29-year-old Takia Walker, was arrested after her car was involved in the hit and run accident. Walker owned the BMW which was involved in the fatal accident, but she was not driving, according to police.

Walker, who lives in the Bronx, was not in the car at the time of the accident. She was arrested on charges of insurance fraud. She is accused of allowing a third party who was not listed on her car insurance policy to drive her car.

According to court records Acevedoa, served 8 years in prison for manslaughter. He was arrested again a couple of weeks ago for driving drunk. At his last arraignment, the judge had not ordered any bail. He has a court date set for a later date on that case.

Now, there’s a $5,000 dollar reward for anyone who can lead police to his whereabouts.

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