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Couple arrested after man took photos of girlfriend having sex with dog

By Mason White 10:30 AM March 8, 2013
Samantha Golt and James Crow 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A couple was arrested after police found photos of a woman having sex with their dog.

The woman from Milford, Delaware, allegedly had sex with their dog, while her boyfriend took photos of the sex acts.

Police received a tip about the dog abuse from a concerned neighbor, according to local press reports.

When police searched the couple’s home they found pictures of Samantha Golt, 24, having sex with the dog.

According to the police reports, it was her boyfriend James Crow, 25, who took the pictures of his girlfriend having sex with the dog.

Officers confiscated the pictures from the home as evidence.
The couple was arrested.

Golt, was charged with one felony count of bestiality and James Crow, 25, was charged with a felony charge of second-degree conspiracy.

Golt and Crow were released after paying $12,000 bail.

Bestiality has become more common in recent years. Recently, Yale University students admitted to engaging in bestiality.

The results, which were published by the Yale University newspaper detailed how nine percent of the participants had paid for sex and three percent of participants had sex with an animal. (Click here for report)