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Woman finds new career as chicken sitter

By Mason White 6:32 PM March 9, 2013
Linda Walker 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) One woman came up with a creative solution to her financial problems, she became a chicken sitter.

Linda Walker, of Portland, Oregon, was desperately looking for a job, when she had an idea to become a chicken sitter for farmers when they go on vacation.

There are baby sitters and dog sitters why not chicken sitters? Well, problem solved and the new career was born.

Walker posted flyers letting people know that she can watch their chickens while they go on vacation. “Need someone to care for your chickens while you’re taking a trip? Have someone with experience to care for your barnyard, caring and reliable.
Soon enough Walker, was offered a job.

The job includes sorting eggs, feed the chickens and clean up after them. “There is not much difference between being a nanny for children and chicken watching,” Walker said.

Walker seems happy with her new career.

A while ago, another woman established her own chicken sitting company called Easy Acres Chicken Sitting, offering farmers peace of mind when they were out of town.

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