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Woman arrested after stabbing two boys who bullied her kids

By Mason White 7:40 PM March 9, 2013
Nora Silva 

By: John Roberts
A Florida mother was arrested for stabbing two boys and kicking several others.

One afternoon, when her boys came home from school a fight broke out between about 15 teenage boys.

When 33-year-old, Nora Silva, saw her 14-year-old and 17-year-old sons were being attacked she jumped into action.

A nearby surveillance camera showed how Silva, came over to the boys and kicked those she believed were responsible for bullying her sons.

According to police, Silva, then lunged at the victims wielding a box cutter.

Orange County officers said that the mother stabbed two young teenagers who were fighting with her children after they got off the school bus.

Officers confirmed that surveillance video at a house nearby captured the fight, showing Silva involved in the altercation.

One victim was stabbed in the back between the shoulders and he needed 4 stitches and another young man was stabbed in the upper shoulder.

The victim was transported to the hospital and the other was treated at the scene.

Silva told officers that the boys attacked her sons and she was only trying to break up the fight.

Silva admitted having the knife. Officers found the knife in her back pocket.

Silva was arrested for the stabbing.

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