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North Carolina girl born without eyes and nose

By Mason White 12:11 PM March 10, 2013
Cassidy Hooper 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) In Charlotte, North Carolina, a baby was born with no eyes and without a nose.

She is seen as a brave young girl who has overcome many challenges.

Cassidy Hooper, who is now a 16-year-old speaks about living with her disabilities and how she overcame so much adversity.

Hooper was born without a nose or eyes but she did not let her disabilities ruin her life. She is thriving despite living with unimaginable physical challenges.

Doctors do not know why or how the defect occurred, but they suspect that it occurred during the first two weeks of gestation.

Hooper has accomplished a lot in her life so far. She is daring and brave. She is not afraid to try new things. She runs on the track team and qualified for a scholarship at the Curling Club of Charlotte. She is currently attending a school for blind.

When asked how she has accomplished so much Hooper said: “Things always may be hard. But here’s what I think: I don’t need it easy, I just need it possible.”

She hopes to study broadcasting. A local radio station recently gave her a chance to try her hand at broadcasting.
“It was the first time and I really did my own radio show for an hour. I took over and I like it,” Hooper said.

She will receive a real nose by the end of the school year that will allow her to smell and breathe as everyone else.

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