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Raccoon and dog hair found in faux fur labeled jackets sold in the U.S.

By Mason White 12:17 PM March 10, 2013
Fur coats 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) Your faux fur clothing may be worth more than you thought.

N.Y. State Assembly member Linda B. Rosenthal, D-Manhattan, and the Humane Society, have conducted an undercover investigation, which led to the discovery showing some “faux fur” labeled clothing actually contain dog hair, raccoon hair as well as fur of other animals.

Some of these falsely labeled fur items were sold at the Century 21 department stores. Others were sold online among other places.

Assemblywoman Rosenthal along with the Humane Society visited several 21st Century stores to check out the faux fur jackets.

After some laboratory testing, they found the fur trimmed garments were labeled incorrectly.

It was determined that the trim of some jackets which were made in China, were actually made from raccoon, dog and rabbit hair, according to the Humane Society.

Century 21 claim they are not responsible for the mislabeling.
The have released a statement saying: ‚ÄúCentury 21 does not create garment labels, the manufacturers do.”

Under the federal Fur Products Labeling Act, all clothing trimmed with animal fur must have a tag that provide the name of the animal from which the garment is made as well as the country in which the animal was killed. It is a violation of the law to misidentify the species of animal fur.

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