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Four men jailed after digging up women’s corpses and selling them as ‘ghost brides’

By Mason White 1:29 PM March 10, 2013
Graves in China 

By: John Roberts
Four men were arrested after violating female corpses by digging them up and selling the bodies, to be married in ghost weddings.

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare when a child dies at a young age.
All hopes and dreams they had for their child to get married is gone.

Or so they thought. A group of thugs dug up the bodies of single women and then sold them to single men.

The practice of “ghost marriage” is popular in the provinces of Shaanxi, China, where families arrange a deceased woman to be buried with a deceased unmarried man so they can be buried together and have a wedding in the afterlife.

Under normal circumstances, relatives of the deceased woman agree to have the body buried with the man for an agreed upon fee.
But in this case, the criminals dug up the body without the permission or knowledge of the families.

The group of four men made almost $40,000 from selling ten bodies of dead women to families of deceased single men for ghost marriage rituals, according to press reports.

The men were sentenced to between 28 to 32 months in prison for theft of corpses.