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Man uses senator’s twitter account to propose to his girlfriend

By Mason White 12:22 PM March 11, 2013
Brett Wanamaker proposing to Beth Adelson 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) A man wanted to propose in a unique way so he used the local senator’s twitter account to do so.

Brett Wanamaker asked to use Virginia Senator Mark Warner’s twitter feed to propose to his girlfriend since his girlfriend follows the senator’s twitter feed closely.

Wanamaker, a fourth-year medical student at Johns Hopkins University, has been together with his girlfriend for five years when he decided to pop the question.

His girlfriend, Beth Adelson, is no ordinary girl. She is the press secretary to Democrat senator Warner. Part of Adelson’s job is to monitor the senator’s twitter account. Wanamaker knew his girlfriend would definitely see the tweet as soon as he posted it.

With prior consent from the senator, Wanamaker, sent a message to the senator on twitter: “Senator, your press secretary pays more attention to this feed than her own. Can I borrow this space for a minute?”

The senator responded: “Certainly. Best of luck!”

Then, Wanamaker posted a message to the senator’s twitter account saying:
“Beth Ellen Adelson. Will you marry me?”

A shocked Adelson replied: “what’s going on here.”

Adelson headed to the door of her office to find out what was happening, only to find her boyfriend at the door. He was holding a ring and flowers.
Wanamaker got down on his knees as he proposed and Adelson said: “yes.”

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