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Storage units of Saudi princess seized due to $7 million unpaid hotel bill

By Mason White 1:36 PM March 12, 2013
A Hotel 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) A Judge in Paris has ordered to confiscate a Saudi princess’s storage units packed with valuables as payment for her debts.

The Saudi princess spent a few months in Paris, where she and her entourage of 60 people racked up a bill of $7 million, but she left Paris without paying for anything, citing diplomatic immunity.

The princess left a luxury hotel in the middle of the night to avoid paying the bill.

Maha Al-Sudairi and her entourage tried to sneak out of the exclusive Shangri-La Hotel in a fleet of limousines at 3:30 am. The princess had rented the entire seventh floor of the hotel.

The unpaid $7 million in bills included daily meals for herself and her entourage at expensive restaurants, chauffeured luxury cars and a security detail.

When the hotel staff saw that the princess was leaving without paying her bill they called police but the princess was protected by diplomatic immunity therefore there was nothing the officers could do.

The princess has done a lot of shopping in Paris and the items were stored in storage units until they can be shipped to her.

Those stiffed by the princess went to court and the judge ordered three storage units seized.

The units are believed to be full of goods from their luxury shopping trips, including expensive jewelry, fine art and luxury leather goods. The items will be sold and her bill will be paid off.

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