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10-year-old boy shows off knife throwing skills by throwing them at his mother

By Mason White 12:37 PM March 13, 2013
Erika Pinder with her son Edward 

By: Debbie Gross
(Scroll down for video) Most parents don’t let their children touch knives so they don’t get hurt . But one boy was seen throwing knives at his mother in public.

Young Edward Pinder might be the world’s youngest knife thrower and so far he has done a good job at it.

Pinder travels with his mother as part of the Traveling Circus. Pinder entertains crowds in England by throwing knives at his mother, Erika Pinder, who is 37-years-old.

The boy also does a stunt using a whip, where his mother holds a newspaper in her hand and the 10-year-old hits the paper with the whip causing it to tear in half.

The circus also included jugglers, Italian clowns, Hungarian musical aerial acrobats and dancers.

The mother admits that she is nervous when he throws the knives but she has a lot of confidence in her young son. She said she trusts her son will not hit her with the knives or whip.

“So far there has been no accidents but there had been a close call,” Pinder said.

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