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Man arrested after falling asleep on French fries and ketchup

By Mason White 11:21 AM March 15, 2013
Bratten Hale Cook 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) Restaurant workers called police after a man fell asleep face first on his French fries and ketchup.

32-year-old Bratten Hale Cook, was eating at Hardee’s restaurant when he fell asleep on his food. After sleeping in this uncomfortable position for a while, restaurant workers at the Hardee’s restaurant called police.

Workers at the Hardee’s restaurant in Cookeville, Tennessee, said Cook had been passed out for an hour.

When officers woke him up, Cook , just started eating his fries again.
Officers realized that Cook was so drunk that he did not even realize that police officers were speaking to him.

The officers took Cook outside the restaurant and arrested him for public intoxication. His troubles however, had just begun. As officers searched him they found marijuana and prescription pills in his pockets. Cook was taken to Putnam County Jail, where his bond was set at $500.
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