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Community in shock after dog brings home dead baby

By Mason White 6:38 PM March 19, 2013
Child playing with dog 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) A community was shaken after a dog brought home a baby who was wrapped in plastic.

A dog in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, came home carrying a dead newborn baby in its mouth.

The dog, a 6-month-old mixed breed named Luke, appeared at the door of a house with a newborn baby’s body in its mouth. The house sitter who was home at the time of the incident said: “The body had no marks or signs of trauma. Luke would never hurt anyone.” She believes the dog was trying to help the baby.

Police were called and they searched the area, retracing the dogs steps. So far they found nothing. Authorities have determined that the baby was a girl.

“We don’t know If the baby was born in the area or if someone brought her out there to dispose of her,” Police Captain Dexter Nelson, said.

Medical experts are trying to determine if the baby was born alive or dead.

Many states have the “safe haven” law that allows parents to leave a newborn anonymously at designated safe places without fear of prosecution for neglect or abandonment.

Police are asking people for help in solving the case.

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