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Gun shoots Oreo cookies instead of bullets

By Mason White 7:28 PM March 19, 2013
Oreo cookies gun 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) A German man built a gun which uses Oreo cookies instead of bullets.

This may become the next big thing with boys who love Oreo cookies, guns and to destroy things.

The man who runs the Slingshot Channel on YouTube made the new gun with Oreo cookies ammunition.

Joerg Sprave, likes to experiment with guns. He built a gun with a contraption where the ammunition are Oreo cookies. The gun can hold up to fourteen cookies at once.

Sprave decided to try to separate the cream from the Oreo cookies with his strange gun.

Although the experiment did not work very well, as the Oreo cookies did not separate the way he intended it to, the cookies did rip through a cardboard box leaving visible holes in the box.

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