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British company sells ‘Royal Bed’ mattresses for $175,000

By Mason White 9:01 AM March 20, 2013
Savoir Beds Company 

By: Debbie Gross
(Scroll down for video) People invest money in many different things but a $175,000 mattress is not one of them.

One British company wants to change that. They offer the expensive mattress as an investment..

The company is selling its “Royal Bed” for $175,000 as “an investment” in a good night’s sleep.

The Savoir Beds Company, began selling the pricey beds at Kensington Palace, in London.

Each mattress involves more than 700 hours of labor. The bed consists of expensive materials such as horsetail, cashmere and specially woven silk, according to Alistair Hughes, managing director of Savoir Beds.

The company said it has joined forces with the the Royal School of Needlework, which was partially responsible for the wedding dress worn by Kate, the wife of Prince William.

Each mattress is custom made with a family crest, initials or a favorite emblem.

Each customized bed will take about 16 weeks from placing the order to delivery.

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