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Man killed by police sniper after he shoots girlfriend and kidnaps her son

By Mason White 7:23 PM March 23, 2013
Kenneth Knight 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) An Indiana man was shot to death by a police sniper after he shot his girlfriend and kidnaped her son.

Court documents showed that Jacqueline Bouvier Hardy, 49, had filed a protective order against Kenneth Knight, in Fort Wayne.

For some unknown reason the two were riding the city bus together when Knight, 45, of Fort Wayne, pulled Hardy off the bus and fatally shot her in front of many people.

Knight, then grabbed her three-years-old son and hid in a house of an acquaintance.

Several hours later, two police snipers shot him and saved the boy.

Knight was not related to the child who was unhurt in the assault.

Police have reviewed the surveillance video obtained from the bus company. The video showed Knight and Hardy sitting together before he pulled her off the bus and killed her, police spokesperson Raquel Foster, said.

There was no disturbance on the bus. The duo left the bus at a scheduled stop. When they got off the bus he shot her with a gun he had in his bag, according to Foster.

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