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Woman arrested after police see her fighting with her husband while he was driving

By Mason White 10:59 AM March 24, 2013
Jennifer Lee 

By: Debbie Gross
(Scroll down for video) A couple’s date night ended with the wife’s arrest after police saw her fighting with her husband while he was driving.

Talk about a date night gone horribly wrong. 46-year-old Jennifer Lee, was out on a date with her husband, when the couple got into a fight over the date plans as the husband wanted to go home, but his wife wanted a romantic night in a motel.

The couple went out for dinner and had some beer. The wife, wanted more, she wished to play mini golf and stay overnight in a motel room.

Jennifer planned to play mini golf and then take out in a room at a motel with her 68-year-old husband Benjamin Lee, but he did not want to spend the money on the game or the $100 for the motel.

The husband got his way and the couple went home. While driving home the wife was very upset and she hit her husband. When they stopped at a red light a deputy noticed the wife hitting her husband.

Jennifer was allegedly slapping her husband while pulling his hair. Officers pulled them over and arrested Jennifer. She claimed her husband said “mean” things to her.

She was arrested and charged with battery on an elderly person over the age of 65. Her bail was set at $250.

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