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Woman arrested after hitting her boyfriend with plastic spoon

By Mason White 10:40 AM March 25, 2013
Caroline Hunter 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested after she hit her boyfriend over the head with a plastic spoon.

The Florida woman was accused of breaking a plastic spoon over the head of her boyfriend, according to a statement by a Florida police department..

Caroline Hunter, 50, claims that her boyfriend was drunk when he came home and he threw her food out on their lawn.

However, the boyfriend told police that when he came home, Hunter was drunk and she was cooking. The boyfriend, who is 52-years-old, said Hunter burned the food so he threw it on the lawn.

The boyfriend claimed that after he threw the food on the lawn Hunter became angry “because she was drunk” and started throwing things at him.

Then, Hunter allegedly took a plastic spoon and hit him on the head, breaking the spoon on his head. The boyfriend said he had a headache and showed police officers the broken plastic spoon.

On the police report, the responding officer states: “I did not see any marks on the accuser, but I did observe the broken plastic spoon which was used by Hunter to hit him in the head.”

After the officer saw the broken plastic spoon Hunter was arrested. “I cannot believe I’m going to jail for hitting him with a plastic spoon,” Hunter said.

She was arrested and charged with domestic battery.

In the video below, called spoon attack, a man is upset that his friend touched his stuff, so he threw a spoon hitting his friend’s private parts.

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