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Models in American Eagle skinny jean’s advertisement wear body paint not pants

By Mason White 10:45 AM March 25, 2013
Skinny skinny jeans spray paint 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) Did you ever wonder how some girls can fit into those tight “skinny skinny jeans”? Well they don’t fit. Its all body paint.

In a fashion brand American Eagle video advertisement uploaded to YouTube, one can see that the girls and boys are not wearing the “skinny skinny” jeans. Instead, their body has been painted to look like jeans.

American Eagle posted a video advertisement for their new line of “skinny skinny” jeans. It turns out that the models are actually using paint body, with no jeans.

At the website of American Eagle, it states: “Introducing our skinniest jeans ever. Keep it tight.

Sits low in the waist
Contours through thigh, knee, ankle
Features new SkinTight technology
Most fittes leg opening
Available for him or her”

When going to their website to order the “Skinny Skinny” jeans all you get is a bottle of spray paint.

Turns out that American Eagle is poking fun of people who want jeans smaller than their body size.

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