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City boards up house leaving couple and their baby inside

By Mason White 7:42 PM March 26, 2013
A house boarded up 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A couple won a lawsuit against the state after their house was boarded up with them inside.

Tristan Ua Ceithearnaigh, 46, and Elisa Udtohan, 25, from Dublin, Ireland, were home resting with their four-month-old baby when they heard knocking at their door.

The couple decided to ignore the ringing bell since they did not expect any company and they did not want to be bothered by solicitors.

After a few minutes, they heard hammers banging against their wall at first the couple thought burglars were breaking into their home, then they saw 6 inch nails coming through their walls.

The couple started screaming to the men outside in order to let them know that they were inside the home. The also called emergency operators to report the incident.

The Dublin city workers asked the couple if they were squatters to which they replied that they are tenants in the home.
Both, Ceithearnaigh and Udtohan said they had been treated medically for emotional distress and had left the house shortly thereafter.

Dublin City Council denied the charges of falsely imprisoning the couple while they were at home or for defaming them, creating the impression that they were squatters, undesirable or be evicted.

Although they were boarded up in the house for a very short time, they were awarded roughly $98,000 in damages.

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