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TSA agents find sword hidden in elderly in woman’s walking cane

By Mason White 7:51 PM March 26, 2013
A sword found in a cane 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) An elderly woman was caught at an airport carrying a weapon in her walking stick.

Did grandma want to hurt someone or was it to protect herself?

The elderly woman passed security at the Washington Dulles International Airport, with the assistance of a cane. When she went through the security X-ray, officials realized there was something inside the cane.

When the top of the cane was removed, they discovered a long sword inside the hollowed cane.

At that point the elderly woman claimed that she had no knowledge of the sword being in the cane. She explained that she had bought the cane at an antique shop.

TSA urges travelers to unscrew the top of their walking cane and check to make sure if it is empty before reaching the airport as sword filled canes are not uncommon.

The woman was allowed to board the plane without the cane.

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