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Teens viciously beat up old man who told them their headlight wasn’t working

By Mason White 8:35 AM March 27, 2013
Elderly man was beaten by teenagers on right 

By: John Roberts
An elderly man was left bruised and hardly recognizable after two teenagers beat him up.

The 78-year-old man was waiting at a bus stop when he noticed a passing car’s headlight was not working, so he alerted them to the problem.

He tried to tell the couple that their headlights were not on. Instead of switching on the headlights, the couple stopped at the side of the road next to the elderly man and viciously attacked him. They
pushed him to the ground and repeatedly kicked and punched him. Then, they drove off.

Christopher Graney and Samantha Fenton, both 19, were arrested shortly after the incident, but they initially claimed that they had not left their house all night. The two live in Bromley, United Kingdom.

Witnesses identified them as the perpetrators. Police officers examined the car. They found that the car has been driven as the engine was still warm. “It is horrific how teens can beat up an old man just for trying to help,” a Bromley woman told

Graney and Fenton were both convicted of assault and are awaiting sentencing. Graney was remanded into custody pending sentencing, while Fenton has been released on bail.