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Smartphone technology now serves customers instead of salespeople

By Mason White 8:12 PM March 30, 2013
Clothing store application 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) Smartphones have changed the world in many different ways.

Now, a clothing store has introduced another creative way to use the smartphone that might just change the way we shop.

Many people don’t like to deal with pushy salespeople. A clothing store in Seattle, Washington, called Hointer, came up with technology that allows the customer to shop with the help of their smartphone rather than a salesperson.

Hointer is located at 400 NE 45 street in North Seattle. They have a full line of premium denim pants and other apparel on display. They are ready to be ordered for try-on through the smartphone application.

Customers simply download the application. The smartphone technology allows the customer to scan the price tag of the item they are interested in. Buyers then indicate on the application which sizes they want to try-on and the clothes are moved to the specified fitting room.

Customers can now avoid all human contact.

There are a small number of employees who work at the location and are available for assistance, but it is geared more towards the aspect of style. “I love the idea of being able to shop at the store without any of those annoying sales people telling me what looks good on me,” Samantha Richardson told

Others were not so impressed. “There are some positions which technology cannot replace. I always love to hear the opinion of the sales people how I look in the clothing I contemplate buying,” Jackie Newton told

Computers and software are becoming more advanced with human-like capabilities, leaving people wondering if there will be any jobs available for humans in the future.

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